Why Betsega ?


Axum, the owner of BETSEGA, has been accompanying and driving adoptive families during their stay in Ethiopia for many many years now… He then decided to create a special tour and travel agency, and called it BETSEGA, following the names of his two children TSEGA and BEREKET. BETSEGA means “Grace”.

Axum was fascinated in all these years by the adoption adventure and by the strong link between the parents coming from abroad and their children from Ethiopia.

With the years, he could follow the raising interest of the growing children and their family to come back to Ethiopia, to visit the country, to know more about the Ethiopian culture, history, etc. He could observe the specificity of their approach: not only did they want (like any other tourists) to see the magnificent landscapes, the cultural sites, the historical places etc., but also he noticed that they were searching for a closer and more in-depth going human approach to the Ethiopian people, to the everyday life in the different part of Ethiopia: the housing, the cooking, the habits etc. And he understood some other tourists like this approach.


According to this, BETSEGA’s proposals have been developped and adjusted to promote a close contact to the daily life of the people, and  a great flexibility in the possible arrangements, ranging from half day excursion, to several days trips, or longer tours organised from Europe.

Axum also decided BETSEGA should promote solidarity: for each person making a two-weeks-tour, he will sponsor the school costs for one orphanage child and for six months ! And he has many other ideas as well, just take a look at the “projects” page !

If you are interested in visiting social development projects, Axum can show you many very interesting places, where you can buy some locally made handicrafts, such as scarves, pottery, jewels, baskets, paintings… straight from the people who have made them, rather than from commercial shops: a good way to create solidarity with the Ethiopian people! A good way to support the needy people while enjoying Ethiopa! Take a look at our page “projects”!!!

Axum can offer you different accommodation levels according to your wishes, and he always gives a special attention to families travelling with children…