Welcome to Ethiopia !!!

Enjoy sharing our way of life!


« We are very pleased with Axum. He is very helpful, has a lot of knowledge and can help you with most things. He is very good with children and did play a lot with our 5 years old. He also speaks some Norvegian words.» (Gro Anita, Norway)

« We experienced that Mr. Axum was helpful in all our time together. He gave us true information about places to go and useful advises for our trips and needs. He is positive and ponctual. We fully trusted him with our two kids, and, as a family man he played and talked with them in a friendly and loving way. He is a responsible and a safe driver, both in the city and in the countryside. His car is properly taken care of, and we had no trouble at all.» (Trond Filberg, Norway)

« We have always felt very comfortable, safe and relaxed together with Axum and he makes trips interesting also for the children.
Axum has a good understanding for the needs of a family on travel, in addition to knowledge of where and what his guests can eat and we would not have dared to try out the local cuisine without him. While some drivers may be able to get you faster from A to B, there are few safer drivers around and we have never seen him take unnecessary risks in the traffic. His English is splendid and it is easy to communicate with him. He even speaks a little Norvegian. He is a good guide informing about what to see as you pass by, or leaving you in peace if you are tired.» (Frank Fosse, Norway)

« Axum has set up an original programm: a discovery-trip of his country by road in a minibus driven by himself! Our group could not only visit sites and historical towns, drive across this wonderful country full of unbelievable natural sites, but we also had the possibility to approach and understand people and their way of life. Axum's kindness, disponibility and competence allowed us to fully enjoy this inforgettable trip.» ( Anita and her friends, Belgium, January 2012)

« Getting to know Ethiopia has been a deeply moving experience. It is a country which both fascinates and astonishes the visitor. The splendour of the seemingly endless countryside never ceases to amaze. It is like immersing oneself in a different age (I am thinking of the countryside) whilst also taking part in contemporary life (Yasmina Khadra once wrote something simlilar about the whole of Africa, and I am without doubt indebted to him for these thoughts).
The tour, organised by Axum, therefore captures our interests in several ways: The countryside and its wildlife is not at all neglected (the birds of Lake Tana - wow!), certain essential tourist attractions are included, but also true commiment is shown by enabling us to make direct contact with the people through visits to social institutions. Thus we are taken to a burns hospital. We are shown orphanages and rehabilitation workshops where women, once abandonned and condemned to carrying logs, are now retrained to become weavers or potters. No other tour operator can offer these unique opportunities - also a reason to choose Betsega!
In addition I would like to say that the four of us might sometimes have preferred to stay in a traditional hostel rather than in one of the modern hotels with which the country tries to promote its image as a 21st century nation. We also would have liked perhaps a bit more time for individual exploring, but these are small details. Axum proved himself to be an extraordinary attentive guide and was always concerned for our security and comfort.
Amäsägenalow, Betsega!
Amäsägenalow, Axum!» (Anne and Roger, Belgium, January 2012)